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January 10th, 2008

07:44 pm: Not too bad...
This week is going relatively well.

I have been sticking to my food plan.
I have not, however, done any exercise.

Okay...one step at a time.
I worked on the diet this week...
next week I'll add the exercise.

The good news is that I have taken off 5 lbs
of the holiday gain...I'm pleased with that.

January 6th, 2008

11:14 am: New Year...New Beginning
Last year I was bad,bad,bad!
My eating habits got even worse
throughout the Holiday Season.
It seems that I had given up.
I let myself get so out-of-control...
that my weight is up around my high.

So, here I am at the beginning of the new year,
I want to make a change,
I need to make a change,
I need to get my weight back under control.

I have logged back into my Fitday account,
after a long hiatus. I know that logging-
in everyday will help me stay on track with
my food consumption. I am vowing to myself,
to eat less (far less), to eat healthier,
and to get back to the exercise,
which I haven't done in about 2 months.

I am going to a concert in February and
I'd like to be down 10 lbs by then,
and I want to have a hot bod by bikini season.

I'm going to do it this year!

April 12th, 2007

08:42 pm: I'm sorry
I'm sorry that I seemed to have abandoned you...
I didn't, really...

I was trying something else...
it didn't work...
so here I am, again...
trying, once again to lose some weight.

I have new motivation...
presently, a party on Saturday... not much, I can do
in that short of time (damage control).
We are planning a cruise for June...
I will lose as much as I can
between now and then. 20, seems unrealistic,
but, I'm shooting for it.

Once, again, back to the very small meals,
every few hours.

I'm sorry that I left you.

I hope that you are all doing well.

March 29th, 2007

07:20 pm: Thursday
I've been having trouble this week.
PMS, I'm sure...still no excuse.

Again, I am not going to make this month's goal. :(
I am still not giving up. I will not give up!

This weight just makes me so depressed.
Bathing suit weather is fast approaching...and that is depressing.

I hope that everyone is doing better than I.

March 21st, 2007

07:02 pm: Wednesday
I am still having trouble over the weekends.
I lose weight during the week and then manage to
gain it back over the weekend. Too much food...too much drink.
This past weekend, I went to a big St. Patrick's Day party,
and drank wayyyyyy to much. It was fun though!

But, I am not giving up...I am just going to have to
try harder to modify the way I eat over the weekends.

This week is going okay so far.
I've been staying at about 1000 calories each day.
I still have not been able to work exercise into
a daily routine...and I know that I need to do that.

I hope that everyone is having a good week.

March 15th, 2007

08:04 pm: Thursday
I got on the scale this morning and I was down 2 lbs.
That leaves four to take off by the end of the month.

Whatever I'm doing, it's working...
so I'm going to keep it up. The exercise Monday
probably helped. When my schedule normalizes
(I don't know when that's going to be), I will
be able to fit exercise into a normal routine.

Wed. I had about 1100 cal.


Kashi bar and yogurt...breakfast
Kashi bar...mid-morning
Tuna wrap and V-8...lunch
Tuna wrap (a double)(it was good)...dinner
along with a glass of wine

Totaling...1200 cal.

March 13th, 2007

07:40 pm: Tuesday
I knew that it was going to be difficult for me
to find time for entries, after starting this new job...

The weekend...I ate too much...tortilla chips, did me in.
Monday was good...about 1000 cal. and I actually exercised!

Kashi bar and yogurt...breakfast
Cheese stick...mid-morning snack
Turkey wrap and a V-8...lunch
Peanuts and pretzels...dinner
along with a glass of wine

puts me at about 1000 cals. again today...
if I don't have another glass of wine, that is.

I am still hoping to take off 6 lbs by the end of the month.
I'm crossing my fingers.

March 8th, 2007

08:12 pm: Thursday
Well, so far...so good!
My training is going well.
The people all seem nice.
And this late, long shift is really
helping with the dieting, as I thought.

Calorie intake is about 1000 a day.
No time to get bored and snack.
I am also eating more healthy foods.
I can be so much more disciplined when
I've got a routine going that takes most of my day.

I haven't found time for exercise yet.
I'll work that in when my schedule gets better.
Actually, I should get some exercise in
over the weekend, and quit making excuses.

Maybe there is some hope of losing this fat before summer.

March 6th, 2007

02:46 pm: Tuesday
We had a great weekend,
but as I predicted...it was bad for the waistline.

Monday - I went to orientation for my new job...
all day watching videos and filling out paperwork.
Today - we had a short day of brief computer training.
It was nice to get home early.
Tomorrow - I will finally report to my workstation
and begin my real training...so, I can finally get
some-sort of routine going.

Monday evening...I made a mistake that I shouldn't have.
I decided to skip dinner...but, then later while watching
television, I started snacking...I don't need to get into
that bad habit. I'm going to nip that in the bud.

My schedule is going to be crazy while I'm training...
once I am trained and working on my own...I'll be able to
set my own hours. The girl that is training me doesn't
get in 'til 10am...which is nice if you like to sleep in.
But, I've always been an early-riser...and I'm not looking
forward to getting home so late. Hopefully, it will be for
only a couple weeks.

I am going back to eating healthy, low-calorie foods every
few hours and especially while I'm on this late schedule,
I will just skip dinner all-together. If I can figure out
when to do the exercise...I will add that.

March 2nd, 2007

12:47 pm: Friday
This week...no weight-loss...no weight-gain.

We're going out of town this weekend...
it should be lots of fun...but, I know that I will
eat too much of all the wrong kinds of foods.

Monday, I start my new job...
I'll be in orientation all day...
I believe they are going to feed us...
again, I'm sure that it won't be very healthy choices.
I will start with my new plan on Tuesday...
I'm going back to the eating every 3 hrs...
healthy foods that are low cal. That seemed to
work well before, so I'm going to try it again.

I hope that you all have a great weekend.
Hopefully, I'll be able to post on Monday.

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